Areas of Specialization

Telecommunications & IT
Telephony, computer networks, Internet, mobile communications, data security, cloud computing, etc.

Software Localization & Websites
Application software (GUI strings, online help, manuals, etc.), mobile communications applications (e. g. phone apps), social media applications and websites, etc.





CBTs, e-Learning, tutorials, employee training



 • Medicine & Pharmaceuticals

 Please see Medical & Pharma page.


See details on Marita's continuous professional development (CPD) in these fields.



Hardware & Electronics
Computer hardware & peripherals, color printers, all-in-one products (copy, scan, fax, print), PC cameras, digital cameras, electronic equipment manuals, data sheets, brochures etc.



Contracts and agreements, tenders, bids, offers, license agreements, SLAs, articles of association, EU directives, etc. 


Business Communications

Business administration and organization, HR materials, business communications, press releases, newsletters, company profiles, company brochures, presentations, etc.


Certified Translations