Certified translations

We provide certified translations of birth, marriage and death certificates, wills, divorce decrees etc.


If you need a certified translation for German authorities, please make sure to ask the respective German authority if they accept certified translations from US based translators! Sometimes they only accept certified translations from Germany based translators sworn by the German courts. In that case we can refer you to a qualified translator in Germany.


To have your official documents translated:


  • Scan the documents to be translated. Make sure that all pages get scanned in their entirety, including all stamps, hand written notes etc., and that everything is clear and legible.
  • Send us an email with these scanned documents attached. Also let us know
    - for whom (i. e. which authority) you need the translation
    - how fast you need it, and
    - if you need your translation to be certified
  • We will then send you an exact quote, a turnaround time and instructions on how to place an order.