Translation of documents and web pages:
Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium: Based on target line (standard line = 55 characters including spaces)

All other countries: Based on number of source words



Always based on number of source words


Additional work:
Please understand that, if more than 1 hour is involved, we will have to charge for any additional work involved on an hourly basis. Additional work includes, but is not limited to, converting file formats that cannot be overwritten, creating Word files with bilingual tables for the translation of diagrams and graphs that cannot be overwritten, additional formatting in PowerPoint files due to space constraints. This will be agreed upon with you in advance.

You can avoid these charges by delivering files that are prepared for translation, e. g. can be overwritten, provide text boxes with extra space, etc.


Terminology work, editing and proofreading:

On an hourly basis


Weekend/rush jobs: + 50%