Welcome to MM translations Inc.

Professional German translations from English and Spanish

MM translations Inc. is a German translation service specialized in professional translations from English and Spanish into German. The company was founded by Marita Marcano Baulesch, a native speaker of German with an MA in Translation & Interpretation from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and many years of experience as an in-house and freelance translator in the telecommunications & information technology (IT) sectors. Marita is also ATA-certified from English into German and provides certified translations. MM translations Inc. specializes in technical, medical/pharmaceuticalbusiness and legal translations.


Over time, Marita has built up a small network of highly qualified and specialized translators with linguistic education, many years of professional experience and the same high professional standards that she adheres to and believes in. That is why we stick to what we know best:

  • Translate into our mother tongue only!
  • Work only in our fields of specialization!

As a team we can also complete larger projects.


Most translations into German are handled by Marita herself. For translations into English and Spanish she relies on professionally qualified English or Spanish native speakers in her network.


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